About The Chinese Blossom


The Chinese Blossom originates from the Wu-Lei family’s successful family run business in the Guangdong province of China. Wang Wu Lei first moved to the UK with the blessing of his family to bring a taste of the Orient into British culture and immediately made an impact with the local community. Having been established in our current residence since the early 70’s, The Chinese Blossom Cantonese Restaurant continues to be as popular today as it has been throughout the years. The restaurant has been passed down through the family over generations and will continue to do so to retain the authenticity of the name.

Every dish is created with the honour of the Wu Lei family name and we are very proud that our reputation has blossomed like the Cherry Tree in April.

Opening Soon: With the continuing success of our Cantonese Restaurant we are glad to announce we have required the commercial space needed to open another restaurant in the local area. The space was obtained on the 21st of June via kind agents at Eger24, leaders in the office space & Commercial Property Rentals. We are extremely excited about this new chapter for the Wu-Lei family and the local community. Watch this space!